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'Condemned': The fate of an Iraqi refugee deported from the US

Once part of US-trained SWAT teams in Iraq, Hussein Yasser Hassan got asylum in America but is now running for his life.

Ankara, Turkey – Just 10 years after the United States granted him asylum, 34-year-old Hussein Yasser Hassan is on the run again.

Tearing open four packets of sugar pinched tightly between his tattooed fingers and dumping them into a small glass of tea at a cafe in the Turkish capital, Ankara, the Iraqi refugee sighs deeply and brings his story back to the beginning of his problems – the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Originally from Baqubah, a small town just over an hour’s drive north of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, Hassan was drafted into the military and assigned to the Diyala police force shortly before US forces entered the country to topple longtime president, Saddam Hussein.

Full story here.


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