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Homeward Bound: Greek Dogs Travel 5,000 Miles to Find Homes in the U.S.

Six months ago, Danos, a black and white English Setter, was the victim of a hit and run, laying on the side of the road outside of Athens, Greece. Already emaciated from being abandoned by his owner and now suffering from a fractured leg and broken spine, his chances of survival were slim – Danos needed a miracle.

Enter, Makis the ‘Pet Taxi’ (real name Gerasimos Tsounakis) and Maria Sougra, the operator of Pet Transport Kennels, an unmarked canine refuge located 25 minutes outside of Athens.

“The first time we moved him from the car,” Sougra recalls, “you could hear a ‘crack’ coming from his whole body. I thought he might break. And now he is climbing couches, beds, he is very happy, very friendly with the rest of the animals.”

Link to radio piece here.


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