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She arrived with nothing. Now, this Iranian woman feeds Athens' homeless

Upon her arrival in Greece, she too was homeless. Now Mahboubeh Tavakoli feeds those still living on the streets

Leaning over the simmering pot of ghormez sabzi – an Iranian dish of pureed dark green vegetables, chunks of meat and typical Iranian spices – Mahboubeh Tavakoli, 33, removes the lid and closes her eyes.

As the fragrant steam rises, she inhales deeply. It’s nearly ready. Quickly placing the lid back on the pot, she lowers the heat and turns her attention to an even larger pot full of rice sitting on a back burner.

Today, Tavakoli is making lunch for a dozen unaccompanied minor girls, asylum seekers under the age of 18 who have arrived in Greece alone.

After she finishes with the lunch, she will begin making their dinner before leaving the shelter to attend English and Greek language classes and an art therapy workshop at the Melissa Network, a centre for migrant women in Greece only ten minutes down the street.

Full story here.


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