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‘They don’t accept you’: Afro-Greeks struggle to be seen

While the Golden Dawn verdict was widely praised, Greeks of African origin say much more is needed to end racial inequalities.

Athens, Greece – “It’s a victory for the Greek nation in general,” said 29-year-old Eirini Ontoul, as she considers the recent verdicts against the far-right Golden Dawn party.

“Even if it was out of political correctness, all parties finally condemned the actions of this organisation and this was not the case in the past – not everyone had a clear opposition against this party.”

At the end of a landmark, years-long trial, leading members of the neo-Nazi group and their sympathisers were on October 7 convicted of several crimes, including running a criminal organisation and murder. When the decision was announced, thousands celebrated outside the court and the moment was marked in history as a key legal victory against the European far right.

“But to be honest,” added Ontoul, “I don’t think that it’s a victory for immigrants or the second generation.”

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