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Pregnant in Greece's camps: refugees and migrants struggle to give birth

Many new refugee mothers are unable to breastfeed and end up diluting formula milk they can hardly afford

What Tamim feared most in the moments after delivering her child by Caesarean section was having to return to Moria camp, where she and her husband lived on the Greek island of Lesbos.

Conditions were dirty and overcrowded – especially difficult for a new mother in a fragile condition with an infant.

“The toilet and everything wasn’t so clean, so I was worried about getting an infection,” she says.

It was also her first baby and she wasn’t sure what to expect in Greece after hearing mixed reports from women who had given birth at public hospitals on the islands as well as the mainland.

“I was really worried about how it was going to be,” she says.

The family now lives in an apartment in central Athens, a vast improvement on the overcrowded, dirty and increasingly dangerous camp. In Moria, women and girls face the constant threat of sexual violence.

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